Coffee Source

Coffee plantation in colombia - Model Bean Coffee
Located in Sasaima Colombia at an altitude of 1150 meter s.l , with an average temperature of 24 ºC and an average annual rainfall of 2,800 mm
The result of a complete coffee production chain, developed in the image and likeness of the best vineyards in the world. To create this coffee, all the processes have been carried out on the same farms, located on the western slope of the Colombian eastern mountain range, Sasaima municipality, a place that has gained fame for producing fruits with special flavors. The exquisite flavors and smells of coffee are born from the care in the processes, there, from the selection and sowing of the seeds, the detailed cultivation of the plants, the manufacture and application of fertilizers from vermiculture and the delicate benefit of the beans , up to roasting on the same farm, make this coffee a special quality product.
 coffee plantation in the hills of colombia - Model Bean coffee


The motto of our farms, "quality is tradition in our hands" dignifies the respect earned by Colombian coffee growers in the world and reflects the commitment to produce the best drink, respecting traditional production methods, adding to them the necessary technology to further highlight the excellence of Colombian coffee.